First we want to thank you all very much for your continued support in our company and products. We work very hard to raise the bar and continue to bring you new innovations and improvements and additions to what has now become one Magic's favorite illusions of our time, The Losander Floating Table™ I am writing to you all because I am in need of your attention, and your support to help me raise awareness of a rising problem that is happening in our industry right now. Many of you are Inventors of original magic yourselves and so I know you can understand how damaging this has become for us all. I have been dealing with a continuos problem with plagerism and the illigal unauthorized production of my various models of my Losander Floating Table™. It has now been brought to my attention that a specific company ( although there are others in China too) called China Magic has already copied my newest model , The Trinity which I barely just released earlier this year in 2011, and not only that, they are using my photos and my video media to advetise it! This is not only an illigal direct infringement but it is also misleading the consumers by giving them the impression that they are purchasing my original product. They are also selling it at a third of the price then what it retails for and this is effecting the business of your local dealers as well. Also I can tell you that these tables are poorly manufactured and mass produced with inferior materials and workmanship and can barely be performed properly!I was approached some years ago by this company as they wanted to retain leagl rights to manufacture my Tables their wants and needs were completely unreasonable so I refused and told them at that time , in writing , that they do not have permission to reproduce and manufacture or sell any of my products and specificallt the Floating Table. Well not only did they not listen but they have been crossing bondaries every where and not just with my products either. They are trying to dominate the market and with their extremely reduced pricing, they can to a great degree. Overseas litigations and law suites are expensive and complicated and the only way I feel we can be effective is to stand together as a community and riase awareness of this unethical conduct. I have built this company on my bck and I have been a two man operation all these years, bring you quality , one of kind and unique hand made products, yes it is a rare and dying craft but please, help me keep it alive for just a little longer. If we let all the beauty and power of our personal craft disappear, what are we left with? You buy something from me, you are not just getting a magic prop. You are getting a piece of me, my oown personal magic, made with my own two hands, my sweat, and hard work and time and maticulous craftmanship. This is what you are paying for. No two Tables, or boxes or any item you have ever purchased from me are the same. Every one is unique and has it's own special character. This is true Wizardry, my friends. So in the spirit of the true Magi, I am creating an organization who's mission is to support, direct, protect and uphold the integrity of magic inventor worldwide. If any of you wish to join us in our cause and call to action and wish to support and contribute in any manner no matter how small, please go to: It is free to join. Please support us and spread the word! In Peace and Resolution Dirk Losander & Luna Shimada
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