The Losander Floating Table™ DVD

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Never revealed secrets about the floating table, learn from the inventor and bring your performance to a new level. 15 years ago Losander created a master piece the Losander Floating Table™. After seeing so many bad performances on youtube Losander decided to create this DVD. It's a full course in how to float the table so it becomes real magic for the audience. He explains not only his full routine step by step, he also explains what you have to do in order to bring this effect to the next level. A must have DVD for all owners of a floating table. If you have a copy you will still benefit from the advice Losander gives you in about a 1 hour session but you will have no access to the second part of the DVD where Losander shows you in detail the gimmick, how to hold it and manipulate it. This part is an additional half hour.
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