The Art of Levitation 1,2&3

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Dirk Losander is a professional magician for more than 15 years. He specializes in the Art of Levitation and Animation. He is the creator of a lot of new effects like the famous \"Floating Table\" and his original Bubble Levitation. In this lecture he will show you a lot of new effects but also some variations on classics which he impro ved.He will also explain how you can improve your levitation methods and what you need to do in order to have perfect lighting on stage. Most of his material can be performed under any condition, surrounded close-up or on stage. Especially the tricks which he created for close-up sitiuations which are structured to be shown over and over again without any reset preparations. Losander has really mastered all of his effects and he is about to share his knowledge with you. The Art of Levitation 1and2 on one DVD: You will see...,The Floating Bill, The Floating Paperball,the Dancing Cane (totally new thread system),His famous bubble zombie, Magic with bubbles, Basic rules about Levitation, Tips about lighting. All of Losanders material in this Video is very practical, self contained and performance ready in any situation with the utilization of a new thread system. Some of the effects included on this video are: The Floating Feather, The Jumping Card, Mystical Fork, Dancing Hanky (self contained and in close- up situations) And a whole segment on Bubble Magic, from handling to juggling to floating (ala Okito style). This video has something for everyone and it\s all very unique.
At last, the Master of Levitation, Losander, brings you the Art of Levitation Part 3. Losander has created several new thread systems using elastic thread. With this DVD you will learn how to float and animate light objects. Some of the effects you will learn are: -Floating bill based on a new thread system -Perfect Balance teaches you how to animate a business card -Dancing Wand, Losander also shows you how to build your own Wand -Genii in the Bottle -Shoot over a banknote -Self contained Dancing Handkerchief Routine -New Levitation system for Bubbles Special features include Losander's famous version of The Zombie, based on a new designed gimmick. This DVD includes elastic thread so you can begin your lessons right away! Enjoy the Art of Levitation Part 3, a must have DVD for your magic collection. Bonus material THE ZOMBIE The Zombie Ball: Last but not least Losander will share in this Video his unique Zombie Routine. He uses anew designed Gimmick which will give the audience the feeling that the Zombie Ball really floats. These 3 lectures were created by Losander to improve the quality of levitation skills. Make your simple levitaion effect a miracle for the audience. You have to see this lecture even if you never worked with threads before. Losander will teach you routines which you can learn in a couple of minutes and make your audience believe that you are a real magician!

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