Losander's Floating Table™[1]

20 years ago Losander created a special effect "The Floating Table". It is the best Floating Table you have ever seen. A solid Table, which is used during the show to hold your props, begins to rise, starts floating and even a volunteer can examine the Table while it floates. The usual statement Losander get's after showing this amazing Table in front of Magicians is...,"That's the best levitation effect I've ever seen!" Magicians like Jeff McBride, Eugen Burger, Lance Burton, Salvano, Moretti, Marco Tempest, Chuck Jones...have bought the original from Dirk Losander. All these people know how much effort and time it takes to create such a beautiful and amazing effect, and they all have one thing in common... They do not support copies in this business. Losander would appreciate if you, as a Magician of honor and integrity would do the same. How do you know what is an original. There are only a few dealers in the USA who are selling the Losander Table. (Joe Stevens, Kevin James, Hocus-Pocus-Magic, Douglas Tilford and Losander himself) And ofcourse if it doesn't say Losander's Floating Table, than it's a copy! It is a perfect levitation effect. It can be performed under ANY conditions, even surrounded. Imagine a solid table which mysteriously begins to rise from the floor and then suddenly takes off ! This table floats all over the place.

Losander is the inventor of the Losander's Floating Table™. He created this illusion with inspiration of Tommy Wonder's work and is aproved by the Tommy Wonder estate!


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Losander created the floating table 23 years ago. Right from the start he was imagining that the table would vanish at the end. And so here it is. 

$7,000.00 *

The Super Deluxe Table is one of the most used Tables in the losander line of Floating Tables...


$3,000.00 *

After the recovery of Losander's daughter Ione he names the new 3 legged table after her

$1,500.00 *

Finally Losander's Floating Table™ is affordable for students and beginners. For only $700.00 you can now own this wonderful effect. No need to buy cheap inferior copies anymore. And the best part is you can upgrade this table down the road for a better model without loosing any money. Also this Table is the lightest version and so it is so easy to learn. Buy your Table today...

$1,000.00 *

This Table is bigger then all the other tables it comes in a bigger case and is not recommended for beginners.

$2,500.00 *
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What is the Collector Series you ask? The Collector Series is a specialty branch of his Floating Table line of products. These Tables and Anti-Gravity Boxes are made to look like high-end up-scale furniture. Designed with the serious performer in mind or anyone who is concerned with maintaining his unique image and style. No two tables will ever be alike and no design repeated. Each table is meticulously hand crafted and designed. Then they are faux painted to represent different styles or finishes. They may look like exotic wood; such as tiger, burl, or rosewood, or may be inlaid with faux gold, silver, or mother-of-pearl just to name a few. No matter what, each one is a true work of art that will set your performance apart from any one else in the world. And of course they still function with the same beauty and grace as all of Losander’s Floating Tables™.

$2,500.00 *

Anti-Gravity Box allows you to let go of the table like you saw on the Quick Time Video. This is a feature you can order only if you want to add this to your existing Losander Floating Table. You have to send in your table top for modifications. Send to: 9850 S. Maryland Pkwy Suite A5 #190 Las Vegas Nevada 89123

$250.00 *

This floating Table is very special, looks like a table you would find in a coffee shop.

$2,500.00 *
Never revealed secrets about the Losander Floating Table™, learn from the inventor and bring your performance to a new level.
$35.00 *

The Trinity Table is perfect under any conditions.

$1,500.00 *

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