Collector Series

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What is the Collector Series you ask? The Collector Series is a specialty branch of his Floating Table line of products. These Tables and Anti-Gravity Boxes are made to look like high-end up-scale furniture. Designed with the serious performer in mind or anyone who is concerned with maintaining his unique image and style. No two tables will ever be alike and no design repeated. Each table is meticulously hand crafted and designed. Then they are faux painted to represent different styles or finishes. They may look like exotic wood; such as tiger, burl, or rosewood, or may be inlaid with faux gold, silver, or mother-of-pearl just to name a few. No matter what, each one is a true work of art that will set your performance apart from any one else in the world. And of course they still function with the same beauty and grace as all of Losander’s Floating Tables™.

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