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Learn about levitation, thumbtip, close-up and stage performance.


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Dirk Losander is a professional magician for more than 15 years. He specializes in the Art of Levitation and Animation. He is the creator of a lot of new effects like the famous \"Floating Table\" and his original Bubble Levitation. In this lecture he will show you a lot of new effects but also some variations on classics which he improved.


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This DVD is about Impromptu Magic

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From Dirk Losander's Recollection Series comes "A Day with Salvano" a rich teaching and learning experience for any magician!

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Welcome to the second DVD by finn jon from the Recollection Series. A Day With finn jon is a session with a master innovator in the field of magic.

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Finn Jon is a true magician. With very simple-looking objects, he shows complete miracles. Anything you will learn on this DVD will have a maximum impact on your audience. Most of the material you'll be able to learn in only a couple of hours.
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On this DVD Losander will teach you the essence of his work over the last 30 years.

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NO TRICKS in this new audiobook losander teaches you with some very simple tools how you can improve your existing magic into a new level of entertainment.
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